A former reality TV host, now considered by many as the 45th president of the USA has declared Sunday, March 15th of 2020 a  national “Day of Prayer”. Meanwhile the NBA shut down followed by the NHL. Selfishly, I question whomever might listen about  the fate of St. Paddy’s Day Parade and/or the NCAA Basketball Tournament taking place. Las Vegas resorts begin to shut down and folks are using the phrase “social distancing” too often for my liking. Land marks and museums are closing to visitors and NEW ORLEANS has a 9PM closing time for its restaurants. VP Mike Pence said more announcements will be made on Monday, March 16, the day after we all pray. Now I’m freighted.

   Then, the most crushing announcement came not from the Federal Government but rather from the Mayor of New York City in the form of EMERGENCY EXECUTIVE ORDER #99, Section 1:

“In order to avoid the mass congregation of people in public places and to reduce the opportunity for the spread of COVID-19, any large gathering or event for which attendance is anticipated to be in excess of five hundred people shall be cancelled or postponed”.

That means the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is cancelled. There were 234 marching units ready to go but only two showed, one being the FIGHTING 69th REGIMENT who start the parade each year and the other being members of the parade committee who felt that they must be there. And the same day my local Irish tavern closes.

   DAY 78: May 17,2020:aka 62 days of being locked in our house. Life has changed drastically from the month of March. I have become well versed in having wine or beer delivered to the house. Groceries are ordered on line for “non-contact” pick up in the parking lot of the supermarket. My remaining NY RANGERS hockey season tickets are in limbo. Visits to the doctor are at a scheduled time with the proviso, “when you arrive please wait in your car, call the office and await a return call before you enter. You must be wearing a mask”.And, I’m tired of turning my TV on at 11:30 AM to listen to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s death count.I haven’t seen my friends in weeks.

   June 8: Day 100 and I’ve mentally had it as I pack the car and head south to our hide-away in South Carolina. The Covid-19, while running rampart in NY is not so bad but still dangerous in the less populated areas of SC. When we arrive we still order our groceries and alcohol for delivery/pick-up but at least we get to head over to the beach to relax. The beach is not as crowded as it will be in a few weeks.

To be continued…