Oh, Ye, gentle mistresses and most distinguished gentlemen, and others… The opinions and observations are solely my own views, and I take full responsibility for any errors of fact, not to mention any predictions that prove to be wildly inaccurate.It’s time to prepare for the MID-TERM elections.

THE POPULAR VOTE is what many Americans believe elects the president. Many of those mistaken Americans are learning at least from the last few elections about a thing called the ELECTORAL COLLEGE which officially verifies and elects the president.This is my take on the “popular vote” and how the people nationwide actually pull the levers (Or fill in the dots, or chads, or whatever). 

Of the last eight (8) Presidential elections (1992,1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020) more Americans have voted for a DEMOCRATIC candidate than the REPUBLICAN counterpart.The exception was 2004 when GEORGE W. BUSH beat his opponent JOHN KERRY by@3 million votes. Of those eight (8) elections the DEMS have won the PRESIDENCY only five (5) times 1992 and 1996 (Bill Clinton), 2008 and 2012 (Obama) and now Biden (2020). The overwhelming popular vote for one candidate while  that candidate did NOT obtaining the office is an interesting statistic to consider.

The Dem v GOP Psyche:

The 1980 Presidential election was a landslide victory for the Republican Party under RONALD REAGAN. The incumbent JIMMY CARTER (D) faced strong opposition in seeking the nomination from his own party with TED KENNEDY actively seeking the nod, up to and including during the convention. Fearing a deadlock at the Democratic Convention, a “draft Mondale” cry was initiated but did not come to pass. The DEMS send the incumbent CARTER/MONDALE slate against the former governor of California RONALD REAGAN and former CIA Director GEORGE H.W. BUSH. The REAGAN/BUSH ticket wins 489 electoral votes to the incumbent’s 49 (538 total). 

The REAGAN/BUSH team seek a second term (1984) continuing with their conservative thoughts of supply side economics, strengthening the military, etc. The DEMS offer the ticket of WALTER MONDALE (former VP under Jimmy Carter- a one and done president) and a woman GERALDINE FERRARO as vice president. JESSE JACKSON was also in the mix. Needless to say, the Reagan /Bush team easily won re-election, securing the Electoral College 525 to 13 (538 total) an even larger victory that 1980. The Democratic party has had two consecutive disastrous runs for president as well as losing house and senate seats. 

THE REAGAN ERA continues with the win by GEORGE H.W. BUSH and DAN QUAYLE, the 1988 GOP Presidential ticket running against MICHAEL DUKAKIS and LLOYD BENTSEN, the Democratic slate. Dukakis is too much of a “liberal northerner” for the taste of the neoconservatives of the Reagan Era. The GOP easily move into a third term with a 426 to 111 electoral vote with BUSH stating “read my lips” when asked about raising taxes which he promised would not happen.

During his term BUSH did raise taxes, the economy was in a recession and all the hopes and dreams, the goodwill of Ronald Reagan was not continuing. The American people questioned Bush’s ability to lead and as well the future of the Republican party. 

Enter BILL CLINTON as the Democratic candidate, he being an unknown from Arkansas and ROSS PEROT an independent third party candidate in a challenge to George HW Bush for the presidency in 1992. ROSS PEROT’s popular vote (19,743,821) should be noted that despite  him obtaining zero electoral college votes Perot’s popular numbers did have a substantial influence on the election. The two major candidates were separated by 5.8 million votes. However, after three GOP presidents the office was ceded in 1992 to CLINTON 370-168 electoral votes. A huge victory for the Democratic party as they would control the House and The Senate with overwhelming numbers, a plus for any president on his first day of office.

1996 Clinton (379 electoral votes) defeats BOB DOLE (159) by 7,774,396 popular votes. In his two campaigns CLINTON defeated his challengers by a total of 13.5 million votes.

2000 Al GORE(266), Democrat received 543,596 more popular votes than the victor George W. BUSH (271).

2004 George W. BUSH received 3,011,595 more popular votes than his opponent John Kerry who quickly conceded the election despite the fact that there were irregularities in OHIO (20 electoral votes) costing Kerry the election.

2008 Barack OBAMA (365) received more popular votes (69,456.032) popular votes than any other presidential candidate defeating John McCain (173) by 9.5 million votes.

2012 OBAMA(332) is re-elected defeating MITT ROMNEY(206) by 4.8 million votes.

2016 Hillary CLINTON (227) wins the popular election by 2,864,903 more votes than the election winner Donald TRUMP (304).

2020 Joe BIDEN (306) defeats incumbent Donald Trump (232) by 3,862,744 popular votes.TRUMP is the 4th incumbent president to lose an election in the last century. BIDEN received the most popular votes ever, 81,268,924.

Overall, 1992-2020

Dem Pop Votes    53,398,839

GOP Pop Votes   47,579,244

Difference: GOP  -5,809,545

According to Election lore, The incoming president will usually see a decline in his party’s Congressional seats at the midterm elections. So we await 2022.(Opinions and Observation soon)The 2021 SENATE is split evenly between 50 Democrats(48 Dems and 2 Indeps) and 50 Republicans. But according to IAN MILLHISER(VOX) the 50 Democratic Party senators represent 41 million more people than the 50 GOP senators.

The statistics for the Presidential Election of 2020 have been scrutinized with a keen eye by the media, the candidates, their supporters and distractors, and ultimately the judicial branch of government. What should be noted is only 66.20% of eligible voters (239,247,182) turned out to vote (158,383,404) for one of the ten (not just two parties, folks ) candidates. More than 100 million votes were cast before Election Day (early voting OR mail in). 2020 is the 9th consecutive presidential election where the victor did NOT win a popular majority by double digits (1980).

So be it.