Covid-19 aka two years isolation gave me the opportunity to “get my nerd on”. Some who read my blog know I am on a quest to revitalize, resurrect, rejuvenate, and renew myself with the ultimate goal of being “the better man” not just a better man when I fully get back out in society. Truthfully, it ain’t going so well but I can tell you that I did have the time to revitalize, to resurrect, and to renew two obsessions I have which can be well…nerdy.

   It goes without saying that I am a collector or as my lovely bride would say, a “hoarder” of memorabilia, vinyl records, autographed books and the like, but since I document and categorize every item, and since the “stuff” is neatly stored I call it “collecting”. Many years ago, over 60 to be closer to the truth, I started collecting coins. Then, my paternal Grandmother gave me two Whitman’s books for collecting pennies and nickels, filled mostly with the entire set. Well, the collection grew and grew. About the same time she gave me my Dad’s stamp collection started in the 1930’s. Now these stamps were used not mint (new) but great to look at. Needless to say I started my “mint” collection of stamps.

   Over the years I would take a few hours to review what I had in stamps/coins and search out what I needed. During the Great Covid Hibernation I went full out in search of newer items and started to collect stamps from other nations, especially if the issue involved a person from/of literature, art, music, science, etc. which leads me to this: February 2 ,the Irish postage company An Post have released two new stamps, “The Ulysses 100″, to celebrate the centenary of the publication of James Joyce’s acclaimed novel “Ulysses”. The colors of the stamps are in direct correlation to “Gilbert Schema” which makes it more interesting. The photographs used on the stamps are said to “offer a glimpse into James Joyce’s Dublin at the turn of the last century.”

   The question is, How many folks, (English majors need not apply”) actually read all 700 plus pages of “Ulysses” and if so did you understand what was happening? For those who don’t know, the novel takes place in Dublin on an unremarkable single day in the lives of LEOPOLD BLOOM and MOLLY BLOOM. – June,6 1904, and is widely regarded as a masterpiece on parallel with Homer’s Odyssey. 

to be continued…